Libertae Vitae, LLC

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The name LIBERTAE VITAE  (pronounced "li-bur-tie  vee-tie") was chosen by the founder to express an overall philosophy, encompassing all of life. In Latin, it can be translated in a few ways, one of which is “freedom for life”. This phrase conveys the intended meaning, which is to say that life is meant to be unencumbered by the thoughts, circumstances, people, or choices that often confine a person. 

While most people want to be financially free to live as they deem fit, which is the purpose pertaining to this website, the philosophy of LIBERTAE VITAE is also meant to incorporate one’s life spiritually, intellectually, physically, relationally, and psychologically. It is a philosophy to which the founder participates to the best of his ability. If one is enslaved spiritually, then what hope in life can he or she expect? If one is hampered by the indolence or deficiencies of his or her mind, then does not freedom to think elude that person? How free can a person be to fully live if the body is out-of-shape and weak? If a person is trapped in an unproductive relationship, be it family, friend, or lover, can this person truly be free? And if one is forever tormented or driven by the psychological scars of his or her past, can that one ever be free? 

For LIBERTAE VITAE LLC, freedom regarding financial means is pursued through various avenues, such as commercial real estate, derivatives trading, traditional investments, startup companies, teaching, and writing. Most of what is listed on this site pertains to real estate and trading.


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When asked how he could fight for no money for America by a British officer, he stated, "I would rather fight to obtain the blessing of freedom for my country, and feed on roots, than desert the cause, and gain by doing so, all the luxuries that Solomon owned."  
The same officer returned and told his superiors, "I have seen an American general and his men without pay and drinking water, and all for liberty. What chance have we against such men?"
Life of Washington, by Anna C. Reed, 1842.