Future Projects

In discussing future projects, LIBERTAE VITAE is looking for some of the below aspects whether it be in commercial real estate or the financial markets, though this is not to serve as a comprehensive or final list. 

Dallas, TX by night

Dallas, TX by night

Location - the founder is looking for premium property in viable economic regions of the southwestern and southeastern parts of the United States, especially Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Type - though retail is the primary type owned by LV LLC, other types that meet the criterion will obviously be considered. This especially includes student housing, multi-family (including MPPs), self-storage, and medical  

Raw Land - especially adjacent to new retail in developing urban communities outside large metroplexes, but raw land with development potential in suburban or urban areas is considered; financing and rollback taxes must be determined up front

CRE Investments - broad strokes are that the IRR that exceeds market returns or alternative investments; NPV that is positive based upon market expectations; cash-on-cash return that exceeds alternatives; ability to capitalize on disposition with sound multiplier. Once the type of investment is known, then more specifics can be determined

Leasing - if property has tenants, then expectations are that NNN, long-term leases are in place from financially stable companies who have a niche product or service with accompanying brand recognition

CRE Brokers - competent in investment and market analysis, ethical and trustworthy in relationship with the founder,  personable with the prospective tenants, and connected to the local area in various ways [CCIM designation preferred]

Non-traditional Investments - MFA or hedge fund with + 10 year track record of trading derivatives with a minimum 15% return on average using diversified commodities, currencies, and index rates; also uses a trend following, mechanical system to trade, but the time frames can vary

Traditional Investments - 5 to 10 year track record with a minimum 8% return on average using diversified ETFs, mutual funds, or similar investments; also uses a proven plan to diversify, with only minimal adjustments to preserve consistency

Startup company angel investment - startup leaders must pinpoint a problem that has a viable solution, formulate a detailed business model with reasonable SM and TM that can be verified, possess passion and integrity, be motivated with a sense of timing regarding acceleration, have a potential to scale up, possess expertise in their chosen area, and prepare for expansion and barriers to entry. 


Dallas, TX by day

Dallas, TX by day